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Steps to restoration of auto hail damage.

1. File a insurance claim

First things first, you have to let your insurance company know that you have received hail damage on your vehicle.  

4. Drop Off

Drop off your vehicle at the scheduled time. Sign all paperwork as per required by the State of Colorado and your insurance company.  

2. Rental Vehicle

Often times in a hail storm the rental agencies are out of rental vehicles, its first come first serve.  We strongly suggest getting a reservation within a few hours of filing a insurance claim.

5. Pick Up

The pick up can be a short as 2 days and up to 30 depending on the damage.  Sign paperwork, receive your invoice and notify your insurance company of all work completed.  

3. Schedule

Call to schedule a free estimate, please have your insurance claim with you at this time, so our repair facility can file all estimates and supplements for you.  


 All Payments are required at the time of vehicle delivery.  Most of the time, signatures on checks that were mailed to Colorado Springs Hail and Dent will require your signature.  Any payments sent to you from insurance company will be required at this time.

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